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As if his audience should be okay with a president who had, as House speaker, pursued the impeachment of Bill Clinton while carrying on an extramarital affair himself?

He is known for his work on Flying Leathernecks (1951), A Dream of Kings (1969) and Captain Sindbad (1963).

Yesterday we [told you]( about the possibility that Dobson and Focus, arguably most powerful Christian conservative organization in the country, had a less than amicable breakup that resulted in Dobson departing last month as host of the Focus radio program, which reaches 1.5 million listeners.

A friend of Dobson’s [suggested]( that the new leadership of Focus wanted to create a softer image for the group, which has long been associated with Dobson’s uncompromising rhetoric on abortion, gay rights, and other issues.

In the December statement announcing the new show, James Dobson cited the role of his son.“Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t simply stay at Focus on the Family if my purpose was to continue broadcasting as usual.

It is because I have felt since the turn of the century that I needed to begin passing along the leadership of the ministry to a younger generation,” he said in the announcement.

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