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Use of computers and electronic devices will be restricted and supervised by Probation. Juvenile cases are subject to juvenile sentencing schedules. You’ve made a tremendous difference in my life with your work and effort on my behalf. People told me I’d never be free from this, but you proved them wrong” This website has been developed and designed to provide general information about criminal defense law and is not intended to replace professional legal advice from a licensed Colorado attorney.

If you are have been arrested or charged with a sex offense crime or if you have questions about Internet Crimes, I encourage you to contact me, Denver Colorado defense attorney Philip M. Nothing on this website should be taken as creating an attorney-client relationship nor as providing legal advice in any individual situation.

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Internet Luring of a Child is a sex offense committed by an adult using a computer or other electronic devices to “chat”, exchange sexually explicit photographs or images with a minor under the age of 15 for the purpose of persuading the child to meet. An example of Internet Luring might be an adult engaging in online chat room conversations of a sexual nature with a consenting “adult” who eventually reveals they are underage.

I will review the events surrounding your arrest and charges, all of the evidence, and witness statements.

Prior to deciding to sign up as a subscriber try out a chatline which has a trial offer to see if you like the website.If convicted you are facing prison time, probation, and fines.You are subject to protection orders restricting you from any contact with children including your own, mandatory sex offender treatment, polygraphs, plethysmorgraphs PPG, and other testing.All communication with me and my staff is privileged and completely confidential.A formal attorney-client relationship is established by a contract and payment of a retainer.

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Did the undercover agent lure you into committing a crime that you might otherwise not have committed?

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