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What makes Myspace dating so hilarious was that people could have very random and unique names. The first woman I dated on myspace had a screen name of Miss Murder. To be fair, a lot of women had that as their screen name.For example, emo kids could have a screen name of Miss Murder or Xo_Stabb_Me_In_The_Heart_Xo. So you would browse a person’s profile and if they were dating someone, it would read as . Mostly because the band AFI (A Fire Inside) had a very popular song called Miss Murder.

I met many of my friends by using Myspace and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.Funny My Space Pictures Rants/Jokes Videos News Advice Cartoons Chats Games Comedy Shows Contact/Email Me Free Newsletter Links Dating Advice Videos Dating Coach Professional Dating Advice Crazy T-Shirts 100% Free Dating Site Seriously man.What chick is gonna wanna click on your bootleg photo? Looks like you cut off the photo right where you're holding a sign that lists a long string of numbers along with your height, weight and county. On days the 87 year old dust bunny of a teacher didnt feel like teaching (those would be snow-days, half-days and Tuesdays) she made us do LAME ASCII art, like making a smiley face or a pigeon reading a book. Expert dating advice videos, your dating advice questions answered by Hog Wild!Show some love with these hot and sexy My Space Comments and Glitter Graphics!These comments are perfect for posting on My Space, Friendster, Xanga, Orkut, Hi5, or any other friend or dating site.

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