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Newi Editor The freshmen class of 2005 moved into i K' dorms on August 25, beginniii- iheir undergraduate studies at llu University of Ihe South, The jkw students bring a strong acadt-niic background and an element "i enthusiasm to the campus as lu^comers, All the freshmen m ■■^ face Ihe timeless adjustment "I moving out into college life, i- they begin lo learn the irue imp^^'ancc of budgeting time beiwect) fun and academics at a fast-paced and challenging college The class of 2005 consists of 355 students, including 7 degree seeking international students This group now brings the college's total enrollmcni to 1 .320 students seeking undergraduate degrees. It seems the general consensus on Sewanee is positive for these new students One student noted ihui "everyone is really friendly, and it has made my experience at Sewanee much easier." -Christie See Fresh on Page 2 Wha Vs Inside? Police Blotter; Wil Oa)(ea covers crime in Sevfanee. Mc Tee* Sevranee deals with national crisia In ovm way.

While Sewanee remains a small liberal aris school, it successfully provides for an entertaining and eventful community that hope- fully caters to the needs of all stu- dents, parlicularly the needs and interests freshmen. page 2 Feature: Raghav Virmani intervievjs Dallas Fed Bosb. page 3 Opinion: Ryan Collins recommends keeping cool head.

and that the parking spaces in front of the book store and ihe Q are for customers only, nol for people going to Mc Clurg, He did say Ihat he has hope [or a good year and be hopes every- one at Sewanee will be safe and re- sponsible New Additions to the Domain Dr.

The freshmen male to female ratio is AT^ 10 53%, The class represents forty- seven states and several foreign countries including Sweden. page 3 Cross Country gets ott to a strong start, page 6 Rob Guthrie evaluates the home r Tin race . Debbie Mc Vitty takes another bite o£ American Fie.

page 9 Ry&n Doolan explores the Sewanee 'High Life.

and as they left the store they decided to "whip "em out and urinaie" m the parking lot of the store Just then, the local police came by and came over to inform the two thai they could be stamped as sex offenders on their records tor what they were doing.

Of course, seeing that the two had just bought alcohol, ihe police checked and found that they were also not 2 1 . ex- pccting thai the people would be long gone, only lo find ihem sitting at ihe horse bams, smoking marijuana. the chief goi a call and he was off once again to fighl cnme on Ihe streets of Sewanee, but nol without reminding mc thai everyone needs to register iheir car N.

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According to Ihc chief, we have had an excellent Stan to this yeur.

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