Wale and solange dating

If, when you were little you got FLOGGED (spanked) by someone who of course is Nigerian, but is not your parent.. If, your parents own expensive ass lace (like 200-300 dollars for one outfit), and they act shady when you want money for clothes.

If, your parents have ever compared your life here in America to theirs in Nigeria. boarding school, no electricity, fetching water, Nigerian Civil War….etc) If, when you parents curse you want so bad to laugh, but you don’t wanna get slapped.

Beyoncé, rocking a shirt that read “Punk Ass Motherfucker,” sipped Red Bull and later performed “Young Forever” with her husband, while Solange and Maria Shriver looked on.

Earlier in the day, Wale hit the main stage at the sold-out festival, which attracted over 75,000 people over three days.

If, you have ever treated a cold or sore throat with “Pe-pe Soup”.. If, your parents or relatives have ever disliked someone because of the simple fact that they were Black American.

(for females) If, not being able to cook stew or soup is one of the most major burdens in life.

There's a lost art in appealing to the tough crowd, or the margins.

YFN Lucci seems to have tapped into that quite early.

duo had to share with the mag: Serayah on role models: “You can dream on something, meditate on it, and want it, but what’s equally important is doing all the work you possibly can…Wale has yet to release his debut record while the newly shaved head R&B songbird is working on her third album.Perhaps these two were brainstorming ideas for guest appearances on each other’s album???If, you have Naija relatives in Europe (especially London, England) If, you have a rough estimate of how many Nigerians are at your school.If, you are friends with someone just because they’re Nigerian.

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  2. Conversation can reveal a person’s personal values, world views, hopes and dreams, expectations and goals, and the big question: are you compatible? Online dating conversation starters may seem contrived or disingenuous, but it’s all in the way you do it.